Thursday, December 7, 2006


Planned Parenthood, America's #1 leader in abortion and contraception, may also be America's #1 leader in deception.

Once I get the picture (which will be the next time I travel Providence), you'll see the proof.

At many bus shelters in the area, one may find a large ad with a couple "making out" in nothing but their underwear. One first sees the big name going across the middle - "Thayer and Angell". Ya think, OK, a new specialty store somewhere either in Downtown Providence, or in Providence's East Side. Turns out, you see "Planned Parenthood" on the bottom of the sign, in smaller print. And that "Thayer and Angell"? Those are the names of the two streets that the new Providence Planned Parenthood "express clinic" sits on the corner of. Not only right on campus with Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design, but around several high schools (one of them public) like Moses Brown, Wheeler, Lincoln School, and Hope. If that doesn't say "predatory", what does?

Here's an ad from Duffy and Shanley, a firm that serves Planned Parenthood as a pro-bono client. I'll have a pic soon.

Sick b@$+@rd$! And in a state that's 60% Catholic (supposedly)!



DominiSumus said...

I'll have to start bringing my camera to achool with me now.

That is horrendous.

Michael Olbash said...

I was just at the Providence Children's Museum today with my sons, and I drove past a big Planned Parenthood building on the same block. Coudn't help blurting out, "Hmmm! Let's see, to kill babies turn right here... ah, yes, to let babies play with blocks and cool water pumps, turn right up ahead there!"