Wednesday, December 6, 2006


After all this time, I finally broke down and purchased an Ignatius Bible (RSV) - Second Catholic Edition. No, it's NOT the official Lectionary translation here in the States, but - 1) I can dream, 2) still makes a great study edition for the time being, and 3) Brian Noe could very likely use this translation legally on his podcast (he probably already does) with no drawbacks or setbacks whatsoever.

I'm just beginning to compare notes between NAB and RSV-CE2, and enjoying the CE2.


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PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

It's quite nice. My first Catholic Bible was the Ignatius RSV Bible. I bought it because in the Lutheran church (at that time) we used the RSV-Standard edition, so it was natural for me. (They now use the NRSV I understand...)