Tuesday, December 12, 2006


A Father-Daughter Brainstorm

Ever drive around with the family and score points for light display according to where you're sitting in the car, that is, driver and left rear passenger get points for lights on the left side of the street, and all right passengers get points for lights on the right side of the street? Never mind this one point each. My daughter Brittany and I devised this spiffy little scoring system:

- If the lights are all white, 1 point
- If the lights are colored, or if there are colored lights mixed in, 2 points
- If the lights are the old style fat bulbs, 4 points
- And here's the biggie: If it has Jesus, the Holy Family, a complete Nativity scene, anything with a good sense of the sacred, 6 points (in excelsis! in the highest! to the MAX!)



Anonymous said...

Cute idea. How many points are those inflatable Homer Santas worth... or anything inflatable for that?

Brian Michael Page said...

Inflatables are scored according to the colors of the lights in the rest of the yard. No extra value. An inflatable Jesus, however, scores the automatic maximum of six points, regardless of His immediate surroundings. :)