Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The October 2007 edition of the Adoremus Bulletin has an interview with Jeff Ostrowski that is well worth reading. Jeff Ostrowski is the composer of the Chabanel Psalm Project, from which we drew our Responsorial Psalm settings for the previous two Sundays at Holy Ghost. Jeff writes excellent music for his antiphons and uses a Psalm Tone (usually) for the verses. The accompaniments for the Psalm Tones are also very good. Although I'm going with a Gelineau (Worship III) setting for this Sunday coming, last Sunday will definitely NOT be the last time I use one of the Chabanel settings. Like I've said before - forget OCP's Singing the Psalms or GIA's Celebration Series/Psalms for the Church Year. Jeff Ostrowski has probably THE best in English Psalm settings since Gelineau.

RSCT to Lyn the Organ-ic Chemist. (BTW, Lyn is a friend of the snark trio, who also frequents the RPInet boards, who finally moved her blog over to Blogger.)


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