Saturday, September 29, 2007


Stole the tag from the Catholic Caveman

1. Do you attend the Traditional Latin Mass or the Novus Ordo?
The parish I play for has three weekend Masses, but all Novus Ordo. The only Extraordinary form in Rhode Island is celebrated while I'm on my way home from my last Mass - a 45-minute drive. However, starting on Sunday 10/21, there will be an Extraordinary form celebrated monthly on Sunday afternoons at 5 PM. I have all intentions of being there - at the very least - for the first one.

2. If you attend the TLM, how far do you drive to get there?
This one I'll be attending on 10/21 is just minutes away.

3. If you had to apply a Catholic label to yourself, what would it be?
Roman Catholic.

4. Are you a comment junkie?
Not very often. Mostly a post and podcast junkie at this stage.

5. Do you go back to read the comments on the blogs you’ve commented on?

6. Have you ever left an anonymous comment on another blog?
Not in a long time.

7. Which blogroll would you most like to be on?
Any good, Catholic blog.

8. Which blog is the first one you check?
It depends on my mood.

9. Have you met any other bloggers in person?
Yes. Rich at Catholic Lite, Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, and Domini Sumus. (As for other podcasters, I work for one.)

10. What are you reading?
Other people's blogs. Ho ho ho! That's exactly how I got this meme!

TAG, YOU'RE IT! Anyone who reads this who wants to play!


Lyn F. said...

Okay, Brian. I bit. Have a look at my answers here:


Cheerio, mate.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

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Scelata said...

I'd consider picking up the meme, but only if you post a WHITE LIST OF CONTEMPORARY MUSIC THAT IS WORTHY OF THE LORD'S DWELLING PLACE.

Come on, pleeese, pretty please?

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Brian Michael Page said...

Go into my August 2007 archive, Scelata, and you'll find your request fulfilled, and then some - stuff we've done, stuff I don't mind, and stuff I won't touch with a 39-1/2 foot pole.