Wednesday, September 19, 2007


September 22, 2007 - 2 PM
Holy Ghost Church, Tiverton, RI

This will be the second wedding at Holy Ghost where the choir will be singing (under my direction anyways). Last year, two of our choir members got married (Mike and Christina). Sadly, they moved to Maine after, but I'm very happy for them. Mike was the only one from my predecessor's choir that stayed on under my baton, even with people calling him a traitor - and he did very well with us. The following year, his now-wife joined as well. Wonderful people, sadly missed.

This time around, the nephew of two of our sopranos (Maria and Ana) is getting married. What's nice is that they're doing a Marian Consecration in lieu of that tacky "candle ceremony". We're doing Latin ordinary, mainly because of the Portuguese folk that will be in attendance that aren't too fluent in English. Here's the program:

The Prince of Denmark's March...Clarke
- (often attributed as "Trumpet Voluntary...Purcell")
O blessed are those who fear the Lord...Gelineau
Ave Maria/As I kneel before you...Parkinson
Panis Angelicus...Franck
Jubilate Deo (Sanctus/Memorial/Amen/Agnus)...chants
Ave Verum...Mozart
Trumpet Tune...Purcell


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DominiSumus said...

Very nice. I haven't had a couple that wanted to do a marian consecration, yet. However, we have our own version of the candle ceremony. Father wrote a very nice prayer and he lights the side candles from the paschal candle (representing that the life they give to each other comes from God).

No mothers lighting the candles or other such stuff. We still hate candles ceremonies, but this is a little more managable.

At least no one has requested the sand ceremony.

Check it out here