Monday, September 24, 2007


From Father Z:
"One of the very interesting things I have learned is that the Pontifical North American College, the seminary where most of the men from the USA live and receive their spiritual formation, is going to be … wait for it…
training seminarians to celebrate also using the 1962 Missale Romanum.
We will need to see what exactly is going to be done in this regard, of course. But if this actually happens it is a matter of real joy."

This is great news (so far), especially knowing one of the seminarians there personally. Dylan, who I've gotten to know over my years at Holy Name, is a seminarian there, and will be ordained as a deacon in Rome next month, and as a priest in Providence in June of 2008. Dylan (as least as long as I've known him) is a big fan of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, so this will be right up his alley. I personally think (and have thought since his entering the seminary) that he will make a great priest.


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