Sunday, September 9, 2007


Just a week ago, I got to meet Rich over at Catholic Light.

This Saturday just past, Holy Ghost Church was host for A Day with Scott Hahn. Yes - Dr. Scott Hahn came over, and drew quite the turnout. I didn't get to see him - I landed up covering a funeral that morning at St. Thomas More Church in Narragansett, just minutes from the renowned Scarborough Beach. The 1872 Hook and Hastings tracker organ (II/11-ish) is in great shape for its age, though I thought the bench was a little wobbly. But it was also that afternoon that I landed up rushing Ann to Miriam Hospital (the same hospital I was in just two weeks ago). Anyhoo - many who came to see Dr. Hahn also stuck around for 4:30 Mass that afternoon, and these people RAISED THE ROOF! I don't remember when I've heard such bold and vigorous singing at Holy Ghost, or any other parish I've ever stepped foot in. All I could say was... WOW!

On October 6, we'll have another big name - podcaster extraordinaire Greg Willits, who, with his wife Jennifer, hosts and produces the Rosary Army Podcast and That Catholic Show. The topic at hand? Sure enough - rosary making. Rosary Army - make them, pray them, give them away!


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