Friday, September 28, 2007


Our friend Kevin over at RPInet is looking for a catchy name for his traditional choir. His contemporary choir was named Agape long before he got there. Somehow later into the thread, Katherine jokingly figured: why not auction off names to big business, kind of like what pro sports do with ballparks, stadiums, and arenas. For example, the Providence Civic Center became "Dunkin Donuts Center Providence". The Houston Astrodome was replaced by a newer stadium, which was named "Enron Field" - well, until Enron screwed up and croaked - then it became "Minute Maid Park". You get the idea. Preparation H Arena, etc.

Anyhoo, Katherine came up with "The St. Francis Verizon Tones". Ah yes, Verizon - the big phone monopoly, well, until cable companies like Cox came up with a better product. "M Anon" came up with the "Chico's Bail Bonds Schola", inspired by the Bad News Bears, of course.

Chris Conroy, another good friend of ours (who sometimes comments on the snark blog), figured: well, what if one can't afford to sponsor a choir - how about Mass parts. "Our Tostitos Communion hymn is..." (Taste and see?)

So, in one of my later replies, I figured on Geritol sponsoring the introit (or entrance hymn) and BoPeeps Gentlemen's Club for the offertory (from the latest version of the Bad News Bears). So, what does one call the recessional? Well, figure your average congregation can't get the hell out of the lot fast enough, right? Road rage may ensue, possibly an accident. So, why not have Geico sponsor it?

But poor Kevin still needs a choir name. Someone help him out. :D


Lyn F. said...

It wasn't Joe ... I think it was Kevin who requested the choir name help.

But still. It is a fun thread to read, and to participate! :)

Brian Michael Page said...

That's right. DEE-DA-DEE!