Monday, October 1, 2007


We have MORE good news!

Nick's team, the Philadelphia Phillies are the National League East champs!

It took a while before we could post it. It wasn't decided until the very last game. The Phillies and Mets were tied for the NL East lead going into yesterday. Phils won 6-1 over the Nationals. Mets got beat by the Marlins 8-1. Phillies win by one game!

So --- da da da!


Here's how the playoffs are pretty much lined up:

American League Division Series
The O'Malley Red Sox will take on the Brown Angels.
The Egan Yankees will take on the Lennon Indians.

National League Division Series
Well, before the NLDS becomes final, we have to determine the wild card. The wild card race is tied at the end of the season. So, the Brom Padres and Chaput Rockies will be playing a tiebreaker game TONIGHT. Until then, here's what we DO know:
The George Cubs will take on the Olmstead Diamondbacks.
The winner of the Padres/Rockies tiebreaker will take on the Rigali Phillies.

We will keep you updated as need arises.
Your Christus Vincit Sports Team

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