Tuesday, October 9, 2007



Final results of the Division Series: Three sweeps and a three-of-four!

O'Malley Red Sox swept the Brown Angels 3 games to zip. (4-0, 6-3, 9-1)
Lennon Indians over the Egan Yankees 3 games to 1. (12-3, 2-1 [11 inn.], 4-8, 6-4)
Olmstead Diamondbacks swept the George Cubs 3 games to zip. (3-1, 8-4, 5-1)
Chaput Rockies swept the Rigali Phillies 3 games to zip. (4-2, 10-5, 2-1)

The American League Championship Series starts Friday at 7:07 in Fenway Park, where the Red Sox take on the Indians - two of the American League's original teams. This entire series will take place in the Eastern Time Zone.

The National League Championship Series starts Thursday at 8:37 in Chase Field, where the Diamondbacks take on the Rockies - two expansion teams from the 1990's. This entire series will take place in the Mountain Time Zone (though there is no Daylight Savings Time in Phoenix; there is DST in Denver).

Your Christus Vincit Sports Team


PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

RE: the Egan Yankees. The Curial newscast that is ESPN is already swirling with possible replacements for Msgr. Torre. Seems the wolves are already salivating and waiting for the axe to fall...


PS did you catch monday night football? No team that plays like that deserves to win by field goal as time expires...

Brian Michael Page said...

Yahoo sports - same thing. The word is they're speculating either Don Mattingly or Joe Girardi to replace Torre. I'm no Yankee fan by any means, obviously - but 1) they start this crap every time the Yanks lose in the playoffs, and 2) to can Torre is just another indication of how much of an @$$&0!* George Steinbrenner is.

Torre goes, so will half the team. It's kinda like what Dan Duquette was to the Red Sox as GM, except Steinbrenner OWNS the Yanks.