Tuesday, October 2, 2007



Here are the final standings for Bishops in Sports Major League Baseball 2007. This may look a little bit cramped, but you'll get a feel of what it looks like in my hometown newspaper. We'll also have the final picture of what the Division Series will look like. BTW, in last night's tiebreaker playoff, Chaput beat Brom in 13 innings 9-8. Sorry Gerald and Lyn.

Click on the standings below to get a better look.

Finally, here's the final Division Series Picture
(these are best of 5 series; snark teams in bold):

O'Malley Red Sox vs. Brown Angels
Egan Yankees vs. Lennon Indians
George Cubs vs. Olmstead Diamondbacks
Rigali Phillies vs. Chaput Rockies

Your Christus Vincit Sports Team

1 comment:

Lyn F. said...

Hey, I'm also mourning the Padres' loss to the Rockies.

But that would leave me free to cheer on the Sox, and hope they make it all the way to the World Series.