Friday, October 26, 2007


Bob Grant does excellent with this - with regards to the request line, outside musicians, you name it! I do get a bench fee when an outsider is asked by the family to replace me at the console. That's a good thing, as that's work being taken away from me. The request for an outside organist is also very rare, as the pastor's "only our organist plays" policy is only bent in the most extreme circumstances (it's only happened three times in three years). Now if I was only lucky enough to have a "request-line" policy like Bob's supported by the typical clergy here in Little Rhody. I do get ample support to enforce this, however:

Secular songs, ballads, and show tunes are more appropriate for the interment or the wake, therefore, are not permitted at the Requiem Mass. The use of CDs and accompaniment tracks is strictly prohibited.

Music in liturgy is to expressed naturally, not canned.

Kudos for another great article, Bob!

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Dad29 said...

Side-note followup on the "musicians allowed" thing...

A lot of years ago, I was the 'service organist' for the parish. For weddings, the couple either asked me to find a soloist, or they'd bring their own. About 9 of 10 of "their own" were turkeys--but we did our best to cover them.

But there was one--

As I came into the church, I could hear him doing arpeggios. 3 octave arpeggios, on pitch every note. Hoohaa!! This would be good!!

And it was. The guy was an opera company member; he knew the music (only really good stuff) and knew how to make it music, too.