Sunday, September 7, 2008


Twenty-Third Sunday of Ordinary Time
St. John the Baptist Church, Pawtucket, RI

Paul (the organist) is feeling much better this week, thankfully!

For the beauty of the earth..."Dix"
If today you hear his voice...Alstott
Alleluia...Alstott; from R&A
- (this one is rather nice - it's the one that ends on the third.)
There is a longing...Quigley
Sanctus, Memorial A, and Amen...Proulx; Community Mass
- (I may have mentioned here before: this is my favorite congregational setting in English!)
Agnus...Isele; Holy Cross Mass
- (I would have preferred to stick with Community Mass, but this one is also good.)
Ubi Caritas...Hurd
- (one of Bob Hurd's far better pieces.)
For the fruits of this creation..."Ar hyd y nos"

After Mass, I went upstairs to say hi to Paul, and I got to play two little known gems from Holy Cross Mass that (unfortunately) didn't make its way to any hymnals - the Memorial (Christ Has Died) and the Amen. Like Community Mass and the Danish tones, the Memorial and Amen have identical tunes...

B AG E_ / D. E G A / B. c d BA / G.

I also took the liberty of reaquainting him with the Agnus from Community Mass.


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