Thursday, September 11, 2008


News at the Door from the Schwan's Snark!
A new feature on Christus Vincit - the BLOG!

Then you'll LOVE our new pizzaria style pizzas at Schwans. These pizzas are our "News at the Door", aka our "featured product" until September 20. These are 13-inch pizzas, pre-sliced, and they come with their own baking tray. That makes for less trays to wash after you're done cooking. Put one in the oven for 20 minutes and you have a pizza that's just as good as any pizzaria or Italian restaurant!

At left is our Six Cheese Pizza, #833. At right is our Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza, #834.
You can get these for $7.49 each from your Schwan's driver, or by ordering online. But until the end of next week, we have a special deal: If you buy three of these, you get $3 off. Yup - that's $6.49 each if you buy three. Order these online and not only will you get them on your driver's next scheduled route day, but you'll get another 5% off! Of course, if you order them from your driver at your doorstep, chances are excellent that they're in your driver's truck waiting to enter your freezer at that very minute!

At Schwan's, we're prepared to serve!

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