Sunday, September 21, 2008


Just when you think you've seen everything...

Rich can vouch for me. He heard the whole conversation. Buckle up folks!

A gentleman came upstairs to the choir loft just as the Extraordinary Form Mass was ready to start. Father rang the bell outside the sacristy - the signal to begin. So as I'm hastening to get to the organ console for the opening hymn, this guy kept babbling despite my giving him the one-minute finger (no, I didn't flip him the bird) about how this Mass was being offered for a recently-buried relative. He wanted to know (reminder: this was an Extraordinary Form Low Mass) if we could squeeze in Eagle's Wings. I had to get started, so I gave him a quick reply: "Not at this Mass," then I got the hymn going.

After we finished the hymn, Rich and I couldn't stop laughing for a good five minutes. I think we finally got our composures back just before the Gospel reading. A more fitting reaction that went through my head was similar to the scenario from the movie Animal House where the Delta pledges are being introduced on a slide show, and Flounder's face was the next slide. They all started laughing and jeering and tossing beer cans at the screen.

I'm sure this guy didn't know any better. But it was just enough to warrant my issuing of the September 2008 WTF Award! Congratulations!

UPDATE: Rich just posted his side of the story!



Richard Chonak said...

Yes, it's all true, except that we didn't laugh out loud during the Mass, no, that would have been irreverent.

Man, that request was so wrong in so many ways!

Brian Michael Page said...

Maybe not out loud, but you and I both must admit - we were, under our breaths.


Richard Chonak said...

Here's my version:

Bear said...

Eagles wings at an Extraordinary Form Mass... I really should have a witty comment for that, but nothing that rises enough to the occasion. Except my gorge, and that rises at that song no matter what the situation.