Monday, November 27, 2006


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Christus Vincit in three musical settings, from the 8th Century to the 20th Century.
Blogs mentioned: The New Liturgical Movement, Musica Sacra.

Intro: Shamus' snow machine malfunctions on Thanksgiving Day
Feasts for the Week: St. Andrew the Apostle
Music Lists: Thanksgiving and Christ the King

For the Beauty of the Earth (tune: Dix)
To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King (refrain / tune: Ich Glaub an Gott)
Three settings of Christus Vincit (Ambrosian Chant as found in The New St. Basil Hymnal; Roman Version as found in The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book, 1941 Supplement; and a setting written by yours truly in 1999)
A brand spankin' new organ impromptu performed by yours truly, based on the Ambrosian Christus Vincit.

Commercials: Catholic Family Podcast; iPadre Podcast and iPadre Videocast; Disciples with Microphones
Christus Vincit Sports:
Thanksgiving Day Scores.
Shamus' Adventures in Classical Latin, brought to you by Abbott and Costello Go to RCIA Class. Shamus wreckovates my own Christus Vincit.
Closing news: A Vancouver, BC, priest "strives for the ideal!"

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