Wednesday, November 22, 2006


And yes, I will be singing and playing today for St. Cecilia Day, in the context of Holy Mass --- albeit a funeral.

Michael Lawrence gives us a really good idea here:
I think it's appropriate that we pause today to pray to her for the continued renewal of sacred music, a movement which seems to be gaining momentum with each passing day. We should also give thanks to God for all that has been accomplished through St. Cecilia's intercession. (I think another contributor to this blog could testify to the effects of her intercession.)

Happy St. Cecilia Day to all our readers.


CastCantor said...

I gave out St. Cecilia prayer cards to my Schola on Sunday . . . she's my patron, natch. (On Feb. 2 I'll do the same for good ol' Blase.)

Brian Michael Page said...

We have a large framed St. Cecilia picture (at an organ) hanging on a wall in the choir area in the back of the church (it's not a loft, but it is in the back).

The Crescat said...

St. Cecilia is one my fav's too.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!