Monday, November 27, 2006


for the Solemnity of Christ the King???

One of Amy's readers at Open Book figured on this...
"Is it just possible that the mockery heaped on it through the hysterical Colbert YouTube video has laid that little number to rest?"

I can't speak for other parishes, but I can safely say that NONE of us here at Christus Vincit used it. I stopped using it long before the Colbert clip, to be honest with you all. The last time I heard it, it was accompanied on the piano, and I was thinking the Atlanta Braves Chop in hearing it.

Here's that lovely video (ha ha). BTW, don't let Cdl. Mahony or his crew get a hold of this video. They may just hire Colbert for the '07 Mahonyfest (or the Los Angeles Religious Education Conference).



Mr. C said...

What point do you think Colbert is making with this? And upon what criteria do you endorse his "satire?"
You mention that your trinity of snarks avoid the Jabusch adaptation of the actual Hebrew folksong, but out of curiosity, why?

Brian Michael Page said...

Simple. We found pieces that (in our opinions as you might say) are better. The verses of "This is the feast of victory" are the actual Introit for Mass (albeit a bit paraphrased). "To Jesus Christ our sov'reign King" is amongst the treasured hymns. Not to mention bringing back the "Christus Vincit".

As for the video, I think it's a goof.

BMP (who finds it cool that we're called a "trinity")

Mr. C said...

I thought you'd like that, though notice I studiously avoided making it a proper noun (Oh, a pun, a pun!)
Happy Advent

Anonymous said...

Mahonyfest is only 90 days away! Joy, joy, joy.

Jason Pennington said...

You think it's a goof? I thought that was a trainging video put out by NPM.