Friday, November 24, 2006


Hat tip to Shawn at the NLM.

Some great news: St. William's Parish in Round Rock, TX builds new large ediface. Big improvement from the old revival tent.

Outside: BEFORE
Courtesy: The New Liturgical Movement

Outside: AFTER - so far, so good!
Courtesy: News 8 Austin

Inside: BEFORE
Courtesy: The New Liturgical Movement

Below are a couple of AFTER pics of the inside. The first comes from News 8 Austin. The second, a close-up of the sanctuary, courtesy of The New Liturgical Movement. BTW, the reredos is quite nice. Click on it for a better size.

Only one disappointment: on the video clip from News 8 Austin, one cannot help but ask, WHERE'S THE DANG ORGAN??? The hymn (We Gather Together) was fine, but it was on piano. If you're going to build a church like that, you think you'd at least have a fine pipe organ to support the singing in an otherwise very nice looking church!!!


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CastCantor said...

Methinks not everything got done on time. Durn.