Tuesday, December 19, 2006


And this one's for REAL!

For those who remember Jeff Miller's (aka the Curt Jester) spoof on the Tith-O-Matic, I stumbled onto a Catholic Cathedral that might just be following suit - FOR REAL!.

The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph in San Jose, CA, uses an online giving system called ParishPay. The Cathedral Basilica has this to say:

ParishPay has created strong programs to increase stewardship commitments and improve operational efficiencies within religious organizations around the country. By “Making it Easier to Give,” ParishPay combines its cutting-edge technology and donor services functions with a deep understanding of religious giving.

To make your weekly parish donation in a secure and easy way:
Go to
Find the church by zip code 95113.
Our church name is "Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph".
Follow the instructions on how to sign up.

Pretty spiffy, I think! But I wonder - is it only participating parishes that ParishPay allows for, or can you support ANY parish with it? Disclaimer: DO NOT MISS MASS and use the line "I gave online" as an excuse. It's still a mortal sin.



PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

This must be a particular brand of software. Many, many parishes are now offering EFT as an option for offertory collections. At my previous parish, attendance remained constant, and collections increased.


Anonymous said...

check out this at Br. Drew's blog


Here's a snippet, to which I share his sentiments:
"When the coin in the poor box rings a poor soul in Purgatory springs!"

This donation machine takes the spirit out of this song. As I examined this machine I thought of the story of the Widow's Mite. I know that Jesus can read our hearts, but does he also read our credit scores?

Brian Michael Page said...

Ah yes, the days of the poor box. Those were the really good old days. We still have one. Ours was redesigned and pretty much theft proof. I fear that many gave up on the poor box as a result of so many of them getting ripped off. One parish I once worked used to have poor boxes flushed into the walls and they STILL got ripped right out of the walls.

As much as I favor the poor box, I fear that a few too many bad eggs might have spoiled it for the good. It's a crying shame, and it's sick.

Someday, once again, good will outweigh bad.


PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

Being a downtown parish, we do not have a poor box. We can't even keep the urns of the holy oils on display (remember: cathedral) because someone made off with them once. And the microphones. And there are reminders to everyone to keep their coats on & take their purses with them to communion because the homeless come in and grab stuff during Mass.

C'est la vie....