Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Eulogies Down Under

Cardinal Pell has dropped the axe on the free reign of eulogies in the Australian Church. Issued today were new guidelines on what may or may not be said/done at Funeral Masses.

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Michael Olbash said...

The news story you cite in the link says that eulogies are not allowed in "most of the United States."

Is this true? I've only heard of one diocese -- Scranton -- and the bishop there received HUGE objection from the faithful. Am I misinformed?

I've heard some terrible ones here in the Boston area. One I did a few months ago for a deceased 11-year-old lasted a full 40 minutes. The pastor was livid, but unfortunately silent. Just once, I wish a priest would have the stones to tell a eulogist to shut up and sit down!

PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

That line made me think, too. I know of restrictions, but on the parish level. Not sure about diocesan level. One time my former pastor was fed up, so he went in the back and started flicking the sound system power on and off. They had sworn to him that the eulogy would be no more than five minutes, but in reality it was TWO eulogies, each about 25 minutes a piece. After that is when he had us draft guidelines for that parish.