Friday, February 23, 2007


Our 1,100th Post!

Hat tip to Gerald, who referenced this article.

CD decks, duct taped to the bottoms of pews in the Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi in Santa Fe, New Mexico, went off with blares of cuss words and sex talk in the middle of the noon Mass on Ash Wednesday. The bomb squads detonated two of the decks and kept the third to check for DNA and what not. These of course were declared not dangerous.

First there was Beagle's Things. Then porn-infested CD's. What next? DVD's of porno scenes with Beagle's Things playing in the background?

Meanwhile, on a side note...

An attempt at another Barney Blessing was foiled last Wednesday in Orange County when a flock of what appeared to be lost sheep opened fire on the purple primate. Click here for audio footage. (The so-called lost sheep had gathered in a remote field and conspired!)


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Gavin said...

DVD's of porno scenes with Beagle's Things playing in the background?

HA! I have a funeral today, thankfully (for 2 reasons now!) I'm not playing that song, otherwise it'd be interrupted with uncontrollable laughter!

The bomb squad? Really? That's how you know American sanity went down the toilet. Like in Boston when they sent the bomb squad after Cartoon Network.

If you ask me, the congregation should be thankful: I'm sure the CDs blocked out the sound of Conry's "Ashes". It'd be newsworthy if this was the ONLY incident of liturgical horror in the church!