Thursday, February 22, 2007


Archbishop Ranjith sheds some light

Here are some quotes by the Vatican Liturgist in the New Liturgical Movement.

"...the post-conciliar reform of the liturgy has not been able to achieve the expected goals of spiritual and missionary renewal in the Church so that today we could be truly happy about it."
"Undoubtedly there have been positive results too; but the negative effects seem to have been greater, causing much disorientation in our ranks."
"The churches have become empty, liturgical free-wheeling has become the order of the day, and the true meaning and significance of that which is celebrated has been obscured."

On the liberation of the Traditional Latin Mass:
"Well, there is this rising call for a restoration of the Tridentine Mass. And even certain leading figures of the elite have made public appeals for this Mass in some newspapers recently."
"The Holy Father will, I am sure, take note of this and decide what is best for the Church."
"It is not so much a matter of the Tridentine Mass or of the Novus Ordo. It is just a question of pastoral responsibility and sensitivity."
"Thus, if the Tridentine Mass is the way to achieve an even better level of spiritual enrichment for the faithful, then the shepherds should allow it."
"Thus, we need to recover a true sense of the sacred and mystical in worship."
"And if the faithful feel that the Tridentine Mass offers them that sense of the sacred and mystical more than anything else, then we should have the courage to accept their request."
"With regard to the timing and nature of the motu proprio, nothing yet is known. It is the Holy Father who will decide."
"And when he does, we should in all obedience accept what he indicates to us and with a genuine love for the Church strive to help him. Any counter attitude would only harm the spiritual mission of the Church and thwart the Lord’s own will."

The good Archbishop goes on in length about the Novus Ordo Mass and the way it is misconceived by many. Click here to read the whole thing.


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