Sunday, February 11, 2007


Episode 68 of

is running a little late this week!

Gotta love XP! Truthfully, I think it sucks. But I should consider myself lucky, as I've heard from several people just this morning alone that Vista is even worse. To cut a long story short, I had to do three (count'em - THREE) recoveries, the last one a destructive recovery. I finally found the problem after the third recovery and did a fourth to finally eliminate it.
I'm still putting my files back into my computer (nine CD's - and only one went south - woohoo ha ha!), but we'll have a CVA#68 for you soon - most likely later on this week.

Thanks much for bearing with me.

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Mary said...

Eek, sorry for the technical difficulties, but as far as OS issues go, I think that XP is by far better than all of it's predecessors, and better than vista from what I can tell. I hate all the Windows OS's though. I hope you get all your stuff back up soon! Take Care.

Seattle, WA