Saturday, February 17, 2007


Though we didn't break out of the single digits in any of the categories, we DID get votes, and I'm happy for that. The badges are on the sidebar. I'm proud of our accomplishments. The winners, on the other hand, were all deserving in their own little way. :-)

Best Designed Catholic Blog: we got one vote.
Winner: The New Liturgical Movement

Best Group Blog: our best showing - eight votes.
Winner: The Shrine of the Holy Whapping

Best Insider News Catholic Blog: two votes for us.
Winner: Whispers in the Loggia

Best Overall Catholic Blog: we got three votes.
Winner: Open Book

Best Political/Social Commentary Catholic Blog: surprisingly, we managed three.
Winner: The Anchoress

Best Written Catholic Blog: another three
Winner: Open Book

Funniest Catholic Blog: surprise - a half dozen!
Winner, and still champeen: The Curt Jester

Most Spiritual Blog: a quarter dozen here. I'm surprised we even got one!
Winner: Pontifications

Smartest Catholic Blog: two votes here.
Winner: Jimmy Akin

Thank you very much for the votes. In addition, thank you for at least helping us live up to that "Most Likely to Run in 2007" badge I made this time last year.

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