Monday, February 26, 2007


Fr. Erik has written:
In various places, the liturgiNazis have removed holy water from church and chapel fonts. It has been replaced with rocks, twigs, cat litter, used motor oil. (OK, the last two are guesses, but I would be willing to bet it has been tried somewhere.)

I wouldn't be surprised myself. At my neighborhood church (not the one I work for, thank God - that's 25 miles away from me), people used to confuse the holy water dipping bowls for ash trays. Yes, I did say "ash trays"! Someone finally had to put a sign up - THESE ARE NOT ASH TRAYS! PUT YOUR CIGARETTE BUTTS OUTSIDE! Even for the 28 years that I smoked, I knew enough that there is no smoking in church, not even in the narthex.

Anyhoo, The Curt Jester has the perfect solution to Fr. Erik's complaint, and it's available at:

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