Sunday, April 20, 2008


I didn't get to catch the first part of the Papal Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. I was able to catch from the end of the offertory on. I can tell you that what I heard was far better than the music at Nationals Stadium. The trumpet fanfares sounded a lot more classy. The selections were not only better, the so was the execution of said selections.

My only real pet peeve from that Mass is having the cantor at the mic at times when you have a full choir leading the congregation. It's not necessary. Back off! Let the people sing!

There was NO Massive Cremation at the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Instead there was Sanctus VIII, the Danish Christ Has Died and Amen, and the Agnus from Messe in C by Josef Rheinberger.

Communion was I Am the Bread of Life, which I normally tolerate at best (some of the message boards I frequent have given it the nickname Toolanbread). However, this rendition was well-executed. It actually sounded like a hymn. A second piece was a tenor solo that I didn't quite recognize. It seemed to be an excerpt from the Gloria in Excelsis. If anyone knows more of this piece, please feel free to comment.

The closing was Holy God, We Praise Thy Name, which sounded like a hymn, unlike the DC thrashing of Hyfrydol.

The only other thing I didn't care for was that I felt the Secret Service guard to the Pope's right seemed a bit harsh toward a few of the nuns (habited, mind you) that tried to pop out, pushing them back as if these nuns were just ordinary nutcases.

Much, much better! I hope today's Mass at Yankee Stadium sounds just as classy.


Jason Pennington said...

I didn't catch the broadcast of the Mass at St. Patrick, but I was quite impressed by the cathedral director's music list for the service. I must say too, that judging from worship folders choir members of mine have brought back from visits to St. Patrick's, good repertoire, both choral and organ, are the norm there.


Brian Michael Page said...

I can recall back in the early-mid 1990s when Pope John Paul II had said Mass there and the closing hymn was (get your barf bag ready) "Canticle of the Sun" by Marty Haugen.

Of course, back then, Jennifer Pascual wasn't music director there, and Cdl. Egan (who had put a stop to any hootenanny music in his Cathedral) was still Bishop of Bridgeport, CT.


Motherhen said...

We DVRed the Yankee Stadium Mass and I have to say, it was very nice. We missed the DC Mass, so I can't comment. I thought the exit hymn of Ode to Joy was sweet! I love that hymn.

Anonymous said...

My Pastors sister is a nun, and was one of the lucky people who recieved communion from the pope. Also, in case you didn't see it, Kelly Clarkson killed the Ave Maria. I was there.

DominiSumus said...

I can attest to the harshness of the Secret Service in New York. They were awful!

The Vicar General from Boston got bodychecked by a Secret Service guy when he leaned over the barricade to reach out to the Holy Father.

Brian Michael Page said...

David - The Kelly Clarkson ditty was in the pre-Mass, right? And not at Mass? At least I can hope I missed the Clarkson.

Domini Sumus - The Secret Service was ridiculous. They were stronghanding some of those priests and nuns like they were potential terrorists. Don't get me wrong: I believe in protecting our country, and in protecting our Pope, but I also believe the SS took things a bit too far, especially in NYC.


Anonymous said...

It was at the youth rally. His Holliness cringed when she started singing. She started in Engilsh. Shen then went to Latin, and sung the second half , after she started the Latin, in English. It was supposed to be Shubert's, but I don't think it was. Also, at the Rally, we sang in German for the Pope- he said we need to work on our pronunciation. (I think it was happy birthday

Mollie said...

No, David, HH said, "I give you an "A-plus for the German pronunciation"! I'm sure it wasn't deserved -- but then, he mispronounced both "A" and "plus," so the moment was rich in irony.

Lyn F. said...

Straight from the horse's mouth (thanks to iTunes):

Also, I wish to acknowledge sing to my Happy Birthday. (applause) Thank you for this (something) gesture. I give you all an A plus for German pronunciation!

His accent was so thick, it was difficult for me to decipher everything he was trying to say.