Thursday, April 3, 2008


More developments on the DC Debacle

My initial missive on the music lists for the Pope's Mass in DC was linked in this article in the Washington Post (the article was dated 3/20, though I just found it today, RSCT to Aristotle).

After the list went up last week, Catholics who believe church music has veered too far into entertainment (and away from tons of Gregorian chants) objected angrily on various blogs (here, and here) and reportedly sent a torrent of hateful emails to Thomas Stehle, director of the special papal choirs put together for the April 17 Mass.

Well, I can't say I was hateful, nor did I send any e-mails. I can't speak for all writers. I DID express a desperate concern about certain selections. I mean, COME ON! THIS IS THE FREAKIN' POPE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE! HE DESERVES THE BEST! OK - shout mode off. Seriously - If Mass of Creation and Plenty Good Room are amongst the best, I'd hate to see the list of what pieces stink.

I also left a positive note in my little missive, and that's the fact that the powers that be in NYC actually GET IT!


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