Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Brittany's season opener

Last night my daughter Brittany and her team started their 2008 softball season with a bang, by winning 15-8 over a team run by one of the best managers in the league. Though most of the runs on both sides were scored by walks, there were a few good hits out there. This one girl, Kate, hit an inside-the-park grand slam for the opposing team, thus accounting for half of that team's runs.

Brittany herself drove in two runs on a triple in the last inning in her only official at-bat. Walks don't count as an "at-bat". Brittany walked twice, one of those forcing in a run.

This marks a couple of firsts for Britt:
1) This is the first year that the league made the transition to go all fast-pitch. All of her previous five years (three in instructional and two in junior) were slow-pitch. Last year, she did play in a fast-pitch league in the fall, so she has a bit of an advantage.
2) This is the first time in the last three seasons (2006, 2007 spring and fall, and 2008) that Britt's team opened with a win. In 2006, she was on a team that went 0-20 for the season. Last year's spring team went 2-16. Her fall fast pitch team last year went a respectable 6-4, but their opening game was a 13-0 loss.

This year, since it went all fast-pitch, ALL players went on the draft and had to try out - yes, even the veteran players. She's on a team that is much better-coached than the team she had the last two springs. I think, win or lose, this is going to be the best season for her in three years.

Brittany's next game is tomorrow night.

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