Sunday, April 27, 2008


Former Exxon president Lee Raymond spent part of his $400 million retirement package to acquire Shell. Prices immediately skyrocket.

Numeric prices just weren't high enough anymore.

Plan on spending your "stimulus check" there too.

Not to mention even the mower is cheaper than the gas these days, let alone the sheep.

What if you're unemployed? Then you're screwed!

Yeah, you really don't want to be registered with Mutual or Getty. Multiple mechanics told me a while back that they usually pump bottom of the barrel sludge. In fact, Getty gas clogged my fuel pump once. Never again!

A can like that could sell on Ebay for $5,000. Another $20,000 for the gas in it.

That pump won't get you far, but your car will smell pretty outside.

I have a conversion van. Bad enough. We don't need no steenkin' Hummer.

Usually by the time I get to a quarter tank my wallet's empty.

Little does this kid know Gramps is telling the truth. (BTW, when I started driving, I was paying about 60 cents a gallon for regular leaded and self-serve stations were just starting to make their mark in Rhode Island.)

Actually, they were a one-car family, and dad used the car to go to work, or the track, or the bar, or... never mind.

PS: Pics supplied to me by my wife. Captions by yours truly.


Chris C. said...

Brian, you forgot this one (two variations):

Brian Michael Page said...

Ah yes - forgot about those. Saw the Shell sign first, around 2002. Didn't see the Mobil version till about a year ago. I may put those up later, but I have to figure out how I want to caption them. :)
Thanks for the reminder!

Adrienne said...

The sheep one really isn't a cartoon. We do that in this area all the time. The guy down the street has hair sheep and he loans them out to chomp down our fields. My back 4 acres isn't fenced or I would have those sheep here in a heartbeat.

Our last house backed up on several thousand acres of grass fields (we are just about the largest producer of grass seed in the world.) The owner didn't want to burn one year (they burn for higher seed production) so he had about 1500 sheep delivered. One week later - no grass. The best part was sitting on our patio watching the sheep dogs work. Amazing.

Chris C. said...

This is probably just a local (sub)urban legend, but here goes...

My high school was originally a three-sided building. Some time before I started there they ran out of classroom space and built a fourth wing, creating a square with an interior courtyard. I heard that when they did this, they neglected to consider that the courtyard doors would be too narrow to fit an industrial lawn mower through -- so after that they had to bring in sheep to do the job. :)