Thursday, April 24, 2008


Another win, and a last inning barrage!

Brittany's team has won again, this time by a score of 13-5! Their record is now 5-0.

The final inning included a barrage of hits:
Our closing pitcher, Haley, cranked an inside-the-park two-run homer to deep left center field.
Brittany (my daughter) followed with another inside-the-park homer (her first, EVER!) to deep right field.
Junisha (who played on Britt's all-star team last year) followed with a soft liner to shallow right and scored on a comedy of errors.

Britt still has her 1.000 batting average (6 for 6, plus a half-dozen walks). In addition to her homer, she drove in two runs on a bloop single over the shortstop's head, and forced in another run on a bases-loaded walk.

In addition, Brittany usually catches the first two or three innings. Katherine is our starting pitcher, and doesn't pitch as hard as Haley, our closer. Usually when Haley pitches, Britt plays third base. However, Haley's regular catcher is injured and out for the next two weeks, so Britt had to catch Haley's smoke - and did very well!


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