Saturday, April 26, 2008


...Can't Win'em All!

That's right! Brittany's team lost, for the first time this year - 15-9, and to the team that's coached by the guy that coached Britt's all-star team last year. That makes our record 5-1.

And for the first time this year, Britt had an at-bat where she failed to reach safely. Though, that was the ONLY such at-bat:

First inning: grounded out to the shortstop. Hey, these things happen. 1) Proof that she's human; 2) the opposing defense was as good as ours should have been.
Fourth inning: walked, then scored on Junisha's inside-the-park home run.
Fifth inning: Britt hit her second inside-the-park homer in two games - this one for two runs. This was a blistering grounder down the right field line that barely stayed fair. Thus making up for her ground out :) .

Batting average is now .875 (7 for 8 with 7 walks and 2 homers)!

Next game is Wednesday.

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