Wednesday, April 16, 2008


RSCT to Damian Thompson for this video. BTW, "Don't do this at church!"

This is the exact video that got my arse booted from the NaPalM boards.

The church: St. Nicholas, Evanston, IL.
The prancing pastor: Fr. Robert Oldershaw (Now retired, thank God. It kind of surprised me at first, since he was on the editorial board for GIA's best hymnal, Worship II, 1975.)
The music director: Tony Alonso (Watch his bopping around at the piano. You'd think it was Elton John playing.)

The debate started when I posted a link to the clip on the NaPalM (npmusers) message boards. A couple of people started replying with "Oh, that's Tony Alonso. He's got stuff published by OCP," as to say "Who are YOU to cry foul?"

I then posted a couple of links to articles of Cardinal Arinze decrying liturgical dance, and then I got a reply back saying that Cdl. Arinze was "clueless". I then went off on the dissenters, and closed with something like "this is why I don't waste my $85 a year for an NPM membership". Because this is the crap they support.



Jason Pennington said...

When I first read the title of your post, I thought you had purchased a submarine from NPM! LOL!


Jason Pennington said...

LMAO! I had forgotten about that video. There's something delightful how those pagan druids walk in procession, especially that little young druid with the torch. As they say down here, "he was gyratin' all sex'yul like". I was waiting for the staff of his torch to castrate him for life. Good thing he didn't whear the Moon Headress for that procession. And that chief druid how he turned loopty-loops with that book. That must have been the druidic book of the dead or something, or maybe it was the secrets of the stars from Stonehenge. The crowd were happy to see the fat druid high priest and his book. And they even have vestal virgins swinging incense and ringing a systrum. I wonder if that table there was where they were going to slaughter the bull of Mithras later in the ceremony. It seemed like the gyration procession with the book of the dead ended up among the bacchantes. I was disappointed to see that they weren't dressed in animal skins and ripping apart wild beasts with their teeth. Their music sure gave me that impression. As soon as the fat druid reached his platform, the crowd burst out into applause. Was this the scene Catullus describes when Attis takes the sharp flint, and in a bout of religious zeal cuts his nuts off? Maybe the fat druid did that to the little druid with the torch later on before the bull was bled out on the table.

I love those ancient mystery cults. I wonder if they bring in Magna Mater at their late service? I bet they used that big wooden table to read the entrails at their saturday vigil sacrifice to see about how much cash they'd bring in at the big bull sacrifice. There may be a little Serapian dormition room under that table where the crowd can sleep and await enlightenment. Cool video. Maybe we should tell the Catholics about this place. Maybe the people in the pews would more consciously participate if they saw how the followers of Mithras and Magna Mater did things. Can you imagine the size of the donuts they serve after that? WOW!


Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...


Wear your banning as the badge of honor it is.

Jason Pennington said...

Father, we both share that honor. BMP lasted a whole heckuva lot longer than I did. You see, I posed as an imaginary neophyte organist and asked the "expert NPMers" whether it would be alright to use Purcell's "When I am laid in earth" at a Mass I was playing for All Souls. They all loved the idea, thinking the piece was some obscure sacred work. Then, I, as myself, chided my pen-name alter-ego about using an opera aria within a liturigcal context, leaving the NPMers who had lauded the idea with egg on their faces. Mrs. Cyst, the ring leader didn't much like her cronies unmasked over there, so I got bumped. I never got an excommunication letter though. I'm still waiting for one of those from the bishop of Lafayette. HA! I have a spot cleared in the foyer and a gilt frame all picked out for when I get excommunicated for having some modicum of good taste. :)