Wednesday, April 16, 2008


An original meme

OK - the object is to reveal your everyday terminology for everyday household items and what-not. You may answer with the choices given, or use your own.
TAG! Any and all readers are considered IT.

1. That shiny metal stuff that you use to wrap food with:
A. Aluminum foil / B. Tin foil / C. Reynolds Wrap

Son and I say C. Wife says B.

2. That clear plastic stuff that is also used to wrap food with:
A. Plastic wrap / B. Saran wrap / C. Glad wrap

Wife and I both say A (I used to say C as a kid). Son says B.

3. Those things you use for facial and nasal care:
A. Tissues / B. Kleenex / C. Snot rags

Depends on the company I'm around, I say either A or C. Wife says A and adds "Tissues for your Issues". Son says C.

4. The stringy pasta that you eat with meatballs:
A. Spaghetti / B. P'sghetti / C. Noodles

Son and I say A. Wife blatantly says B.

5. Those wooden sticks you see in a chips bag:
A. Pretzel / B. Prentzel / C. Sticks

See #4.

6. That mammoth trunked animal in the zoo:
A. Elephant / B. Elly-Phahnt / C. Wooly mammoth

I say A. Wife says B. Son says C.

7. The room in the house you have to use at least once a day:
A. The bathroom / B. The rest room / C. The little boys'/girls' room / D. The can

Both of us use all terms except B, plus others, like "outhouse", "office", and "throne". Wife adds "bait room". Son says D.

8. The paper you use after using the room described in question #7:
A. Toilet paper / B. Bath (or bathroom) tissue / C. Butt wipe

Wife and I both use anything but B. Son says C.

9. Your classification of a passenger van (full-sized or mini), besides van:
A. Car / B. Truck / C. Bus

All three of us say B. (As a former parts worker, I can vouch that vans, including passenger vans, are listed under truck, like "Chevy truck", or "Dodge truck", etc.) However, my son was looking for "tree" as a choice, to be funny.

10. OK, finally, something relating to liturgical music - your classification of a Hammond organ:
A. Instrument / B. Appliance / C. Furniture

Wife says A. I say B. Son says C.

Remember: you're not limited to the choices given.
Have fun!

UPDATE: Fr. Erik's answers are especially funny!


Richard Chonak said...

7. A. I used to say "washroom" as a euphemism, but people didn't seem to understand it.

9. B. Truck. My dad had a van so I drove it at times as a teen. The visibility wasn't great, but I got to like the high position and the near-horizontal steering wheel angle.

10: A. "Instrument", but then I consider a kazoo an instrument too.

The rest are A's. I've never liked using brand names in common speech. I must be so uptight.

Lyn F. said...

Okay, Mr. Man. I've bitten, and here are your answers.