Saturday, February 25, 2012


Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, Rhode Island

Tuesday II-28-12 at 7 PM
Stations of the Cross with Holy Communion

Entrance: Stabat Mater (using translation in booklet provided), vv. 1-2
Corresponding verse of the Stabat Mater after each Station, then last two verses at end
Agnus Dei XVIII
Communion: H-190 Let thy blood in mercy poured (Jesus Meine Zuversicht)
Recessional: W-704 Lift high the cross (Crucifer)

Tuesday II-28-12 and Wednesday II-29-12, both at 10 AM
Funeral Masses

Procession to casket: Requiem aeternam (Mode VI)
Procession to altar: W-704 Lift high the cross (Crucifer)
Psalm 116: I will walk before the Lord (Richard Rice)
Gospel Acclamation: Glory and Praise to You (BMP)
- Tuesday: Ave Maria (Arcadelt)
- Wednesday: Ave Maria (Schubert - most likely; family-appointed soloist for this piece only)
Sanctus and Agnus: Pro Defunctis
Memorial Acclamation: Mortem tuam annuntiamus, Domine
Amen: Dresden
Communion Proper: Lux Aeterna (Mode VIII)
Additional Communion:
- Tuesday: H-190 Let thy blood in mercy poured (Jesus Meine Zuversicht)
- Wednesday: Panis Angelicus (Franck)
Final Commendation:
- Tuesday: I believe that my Redeemer lives (Henri St. Louis)
- Wednesday: Jesus, Lord, have mercy (vv. 1 and 3) (Adoro Te/Mode V)
- Tuesday: In Paradisum (Mode VII/VIII)
- Wednesday: H-585.1 Jerusalem, my happy home (Land of Rest)

Friday III-2-12 at 6:30 PM
First Friday - Sacred Heart Community Mass

We're still undecided whether we'll be using the Ordinary or Extraordinary Form, but I'm prepared for either form of the Mass.  If we go with Extraordinary Form, the Propers will be from The Complete Proper of the Mass by Koch and Green.

Entrance Procession (either form): O Sacred Heart, O Love Divine (traditional)
Introit (Extraordinary Form): Cogitationes Cordis ejus...
Kyrie (either form): Missa Laus Tibi Christe (Caudana)
Psalm (Ordinary Form): The Lord's Kindness is Everlasting (Ostrowski)
Gradual (Extraordinary Form): Dulcis et rectus Dominus...
Gospel Acclamation (Ordinary Form): Glory and Praise to You (BMP)
Tract (Extraordinary Form): Misericors et miserator Dominus...
Offertory (either form): Cor Jesu Trinitate (Gott Soll Gepriesen)
- (In the Extraordinary Form, this is preceded by the Proper: Holocaustum et pro peccato...)
Sanctus XVIII (either form) (Benedictus after elevations in Extraordinary Form)
Memorial Acclamation (Ordinary Form): Mortem Tuam Annuntiamus Domine (Jubilate Deo)
Amen (Ordinary Form): adapted from Sanctus VIII
Agnus Dei XVIII (either form)
Communion (either form): Attende Domine (Mode V)
- (In the Extraordinary Form, this is followed by the Proper: Si quis sitit veniat...)
Recessional (either form): To Jesus' Heart All-Burning (traditional)


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