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WORSHIP - Ultimate Edition (Part IV)

This round, the "G" and "H" sections.  See previous posts for reminders, disclaimers, foot notes, head notes, side notes, cheek notes, etc.

114. Glorious the Day when Christ Was Born (Worship II, #91) Tune: Psalm 47. Key of F.
115. Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken (Worship II, #92) Tune: Austria. Key of E-flat.
116. Glory Be to God in Heaven (Worship III, #518) Tune: Rustington (Worship III uses Ladue Chapel).  Key of F.
117. Glory to God in the Highest (Worship III, #542) Tune: Russwin. Key of E-flat.
118. Go, Labor On, Spend and Be Spent (Worship II, #93) Tune: Angel's Song. Key of F.
119. Go, Make of All Disciples (text from Worship II, #94; tune from Worship III, #628).  Tune: Ellacombe.  Key of A.
120. God, be in My Head (Worship III, #567). Tune: Field.  Key of E-flat.
121. God Father, Praise and Glory (Worship II, #97). Tune: Gott Vater, sei Gepriesen. Key: G.
122. God Has Spoken by His Prophets (Worship III, #516). Tune: Rustington.  Key of F.
123. God Is Here, as We His People (Worship III, #667).  Tune: Abbot's Leigh. Key of C.
124. God Is My Great Desire (Worship III, #581).  Tune: Leoni.  Key of F minor with footnote in the organ book: "For lower key, see The God of Abraham Praise".
125. God Is Unique and One (Worship III, #98).  Tune: Little Cornard.  Key of D.
126. God Is Working His Purpose Out (Worship II, #99). Tune: Purpose. Key of F minor.
127. God, My King, Thy Might Confessing (Worship II, #100). Tune: Stuttgart. Key of F.
128. God of Our Fathers (Worship II, #101). Tune: National Hymn.  Key of E-flat in the people's book, with "low key option" in D in the organ book.
129. God, Omnipotent, Eternal (Worship III, #563).  Tune: Regent Square.  Key of A with footnote: "For higher key, see Angels from the Realms of Glory".
130. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Worship II, #102).  Note the restoring of "Ye" in place of "You".  Tune: God Rest Ye Merry.  Key of D minor.
131. God, We Praise You (Worship III, #535).  Tune: Nettleton.  Key of D.
132. God, Who Gives to Life Its Goodness (Worship II, #103). Tune: Abbot's Leigh. Key: C.
133. God, Who Stretched the Spangled Heavens (Worship II, #104).  Tune: Holy Manna.  Key of G with footnote: "For lower key, see God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending, next page".
134. God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending (Worship III, #631).  Tune: Holy Manna. Key of F.  Footnotes: 1) Alternate tune: Rustington, see God Has Spoken by His Prophets.  2) For higher key, see God, Who Stretched the Spangled Heavens, previous page.
135. Good Christian Men, Rejoice (Worship II, #105).  Tune: In Dulci Jubilo.  Key of F.
136. Grant to Us, O Lord (Worship IV, #957).  Tune by Lucien Deiss.  Key of G.
137. Greet Now the Swiftly Changing Year (Worship IV, #999). Tune: Sixth Night. Key of D.
138. Hail, Blessed Virgin (Worship II, #106). Tune: Ave Vera Virgintas. Key of B-flat.
139. Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above (Worship II, #107, with additional English verses, plus the Latin Salve, Regina Caelitum in the 1986 We Celebrate).  Tune: Salve, Regina Caelitum.  Key of C in the people's book, with "low key option" in B-flat in the organ book.
140. Hail the Day that Sees Him Rise (Worship II, #108).  Tune: Llanfair. Key of F.
141. Hail, Thee, Festival Day (Worship II, #109, using the different refrain endings for Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost).  Tune: Salve Festa Dies.  Key of F.
142. Hail to the Lord Who Comes (Worship III, #692).  Tune: Presentation. Key of D.
143. Hail to the Lord's Anointed (Worship II, #110). Tune: Ellacombe. Key of A.
144. Hark! the Herald Angels Sing (Worship II, #111). Tune: Mendelssohn. Key of F.  Don't forget the Willcocks descant on verse 3!
145. Have Mercy, Lord, on Us (Worship III, #753). Tune: Southwell. Key of E minor.
146. He Comes to Us as One Unknown (Worship III, #573). Tune: Repton. Key of E-flat.
147. He Walks among the Golden Lamps (Worship III, #684). Nice chant-like tune. Tune: Revelation. Key of D minor.
148. Heavenly Hosts in Ceaseless Worship (Worship II, #114). Tune: Heavenly Hosts. Key: F.
149. Help Us Accept Each Other (Worship III, #656). Tune: King's Lynn.  Key of D minor.
150. Hills of the North, Rejoice (Worship III, #116). Tune: Little Cornard. Key of D.
151. Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (Worship IV, #614). Tune: Grosser Gott. Key of F.
152. Holy, Holy, Holy (Worship II, #118). Tune: Nicaea. Key of D.
153. Holy Spirit, Lord Divine (Worship IV, #541). Tune: Veni Sancte Spiritus (Webbe). Key of F.
154. Holy Spirit, Truth Divine (Worship I, #62). Tune: Lew Trenchard.  Key of C in people's book, with "low key option" in B-flat in the organ book.
155. Hope for the World (Worship III, #565). Tune: Donne Secours.  Key of D minor.
156. How Blessed Is This Place, O Lord (First tune) Restore text from 1976 We Celebrate, #332.  Tune: Church Triumphant (also in 1976 We Celebrate, #110).  Key of A-flat.
157. How Blessed Is This Place, O Lord (Second tune) (Worship III, #710) see notes at #154 above for text.  Tune: O Waly Waly.  Key of G.
158. How Brightly Beams the Morning Star (Worship III, #390).  Tune: Wie Schön Leuchtet. Key of D.
159. How Firm a Foundation (Worship I, #143).  Tune: Foundation. Key of G.
160. How Good and Pleasant, Lord, It Is (Worship IV, #819). Tune: Dove of Peace. Key of F.
161. How Lovely Are Your Works, O Lord (Worship II, #123). Tune: Grateful Praise. Key: C.
162. How Shall They Hear the Word of God (Worship III, #629). Tune: Auch Jetzt Macht Gott. Key of F.
163. How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds (Worship II, #125).  Tune: St. Peter. Key of D.


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