Monday, February 27, 2012

WORSHIP - Ultimate Edition (Part III)

This installment, "D", "E", and "F" sections of the four editions of Worship.

Reminder: only the hymns from the Worship editions are involved.

84. Daily, Daily, Sing to Mary (Worship I, #164) Tune: Omni Die Dic Mariae (also known as Alle Tage Sing und Sage).  Key of F.
85. Day is Done (Worship III, #677) Tune: Ar hyd y nos.  Key of F.
86. Daylight Fades (Worship III, #448) Tune: Dohmnach Trionoide.  Key of F minor.
87. Draw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord (First tune) (Worship III, #732).  Text in Worship is Draw NEAR and take the body of YOUR Lord.  We'll revert to "Nigh" in this "ultimate edition".  Tune: Coena Domini.  Key of E-flat.
88. Draw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord (Second tune) (using same text as #86).  Tune: Anima Christi.  Key of G in the people's book, with a "low key option" of F in the organ book.
89. Draw Us in the Spirit's Tether (Worship II, #67).  Tune: Union Seminary.  Key of G.
90. Earth Has Many a Noble City (Worship II, #70).  Tune: Stuttgart.  Key of F.
91. Eternal Father, Strong to Save (Worship II, #71).  Tune: Melita.  Key of C.
92. Eternal God, Whose Power Upholds (Worship II, #72).  Tune: Wellington Square.  Key of E minor.
93. Eternal Ruler of the Ceaseless Round (Worship II, #73).  Tune: Song 1.  Key of F.
94. Faith of Our Fathers (Yes, the REAL Faith of Our Fathers) (Worship II, #75).  Tune: St. Catherine. Key of G.
95. Father Eternal, Ruler of Creation (Worship II, #76) Tune: Langham.  Key of C minor.
96. Father, Lord of All Creation (Worship II, #77) Tune: Geneva. Keys of F minor and major.
97. Father of Mercy, God of Consolation (Worship III, #746).  Titled in Worship as Great God of Mercy, God of Consolation.  We're going to use the original.  Tune: Herzliebster Jesu.  Key of F minor, with footnote: "For higher key, see Ah! Holy Jesus, how hast thou offended".
98. Father, We Praise Thee, for the Night Is Over (Worship II, #78) Tune: Christe Sanctorum.  Key of D.
99. Father, We Thank Thee Who Hast Planted (Worship II, #79).  Tune: Rendez a Dieu. Key of G.
100. Father, within Thy House Today (Worship III, #743).  Worship III titled it WITHIN YOUR HOUSE, O GOD, Today.  Tune: St. Catherine.  Key of G.
101. Fire of God, Undying Flame (Worship III, #474).  Tune: Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland.  Key of G minor.
102. For All the Saints (Worship II, #80).  Tune: Sine Nomine, but using the pickup notes as indicated in Hymnal 1940, #126, first tune (and accompaniment from the 1940 as well).  Key of G in the people's edition, with "low key option" in F in the organ book.
103. For the Beauty of the Earth (Worship II, #81).  Tune: Dix.  Key of G.
104. For the Fruits of This Creation (Worship III, #562).  Tune: East Acklam with footnote: "Alternate tune: Ar hyd y nos. (the tune in Worship III)  See Day is Done."  Key of D.
105. For the Healing of the Nations (Worship II, #82). Tune: Fortunatus New with footnote: "Alternate tune: Westminster Abbey. (the tune in Worship II) See Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation."  Key: D minor in people's book with "low key option" in C minor in the organ book.
106. Forgive, O Lord, Our Severing Ways (Worship II, #83). Tune: O Mensch Sieh (with the Gerre Hancock accompaniment, of course). Key: D minor.
107. Forgive Our Sins as We Forgive (Worship II, #84).  Tune: Detroit.  Key of D minor.
108. Forth in the Peace of Christ We Go (Worship III, #627).  Tune: Lledrod with footnote: "Alternate tune: Angel's Song.  See Go, Labor On."  Key of A-flat.
109. Forty Days and Forty Nights (Worship II, #85).  Tune: Heinlein.  Key of D minor.
110. From All that Dwell below the Skies (Worship II, #86).  Tune: Duke Street with footnote: "Alternate tune: Old Hundredth.  See All People that on Earth Do Dwell.  Key of G.
111. From All Thy Saints in Warfare (Worship II, #87).  Tune: King's Lynn.  Key of D minor.
112. From Heaven High I Come to Earth (Worship II, #89, with those "additional stanzas" that "overleaf"). Tune: Vom Himmel Hoch. Key: C.
113. From the Father's Throne on High (Worship IV, #865).  Tune: Monkland with footnote: "Alternate tune: Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland.  See Savior of the Nations, Come" (Worship IV uses Heinlein which would be better served during Lent, particularly with the hymn Forty Days and Forty Nights).  Key of B-flat.


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