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WORSHIP - Ultimate Edition (Part X - Finale)

Finally, we have "U", "V", "W", and "Y".  Sorry, no "X" or "Z" (or for our Canadian friends, "ZED").  Hey, we did pretty good!  Over 450 pieces total (counting "second tunes").

411. Ubi Caritas (Worship III, #598).  Tune: Chant, Mode VI.  Key of G.  Footnote: "For English version, see Where Charity and Love Prevail."
412. Unto Us a Boy Is Born (Worship II, #288). Tune: Puer Nobis Nascitur (Shaw). Key: D.
413. Veni, Creator Spiritus (Worship II, #289).  Tune: Chant, Mode VIII.  Tonic: F, with "low-key option" in Tonic: E-flat in the organ book.  Also, footnote: "For English version, see O Holy Spirit, By Whose Breath or Come, Holy Ghost."
414. Virgin-Born, We Bow before You (Worship III, #403).  Tune: Mon Dieu Prete-Moi Loreille.  Key of G minor.
415. Wake, Awake, for Night Is Flying (Worship I, #4).  Tune: Wachet Auf.  Key of C in people's book, with "low key option" in B-flat in organ book.
416. Watchman, Tell Us of the Night (Worship II, #293).  Tune: Aberystwyth.  Key of E minor in people's book, with "low key option" in D minor in organ book.
417. We Gather Together (Worship II, #294).  Tune: Kremser.  Key of C.
418. We Give Our God Our Grateful Praise (Worship I, #313). Tune: Grateful Praise. Key: C.
419. We Know That Christ Is Raised and Dies No More (Worship III, #721).  Tune: Engelberg.  Key of F.
420. We Long to Learn to Praise (Worship II, #295).  Tune: Styer.  Key of B-flat.
421. We Praise Thee, O God (Worship II, #296).  Tune: Kremser.  Key of C.
422. We Praise You, Father, For Your Gifts (Text in Worship II, #297, Tune in Worship III, #20).  Tune: Te Lucis Ante Terminum.  Tonic: E.
423. We Praise You, Lord, for Jesus Christ (Worship IV, #918).  Tune: Beatitudo. Key of G. (Worship IV uses New Britain.  One Amazing Grace is enough.)
424. We Thank Thee, Jesus, Dearest Friend (Worship II, #298).  Tune: Erscheinen Est.  Key of D minor.
425. We Thank You, God (Worship II, #299). Tune: Emery. Key of F.
426. We Three Kings of Orient Are (Worship II, #300). Tune: Kings of Orient. Key: E minor.
427. We Walk by Faith (Worship III, #572).  Tune: Dunlap's Creek.  Key of D.
428. Weary of All Trumpeting (Worship II, #301).  Tune: Distler.  Key of D minor.
429. Were You There (Worship III, #436).  Tune: Spiritual.  Key of E-flat.
430. What Child Is This (Worship I, #16).  Tune: Greensleeves.  Key of E minor.
431. What Does the Lord Require (Worship II, #304). Tune: Sharpthorne. Key of D minor.
432. What Star Is This with Beams So Bright (Worship II, #305). Tune: Puer Nobis. Key: D.
433. What Wondrous Love Is This (Worship II, #306).  Tune: Wondrous Love. Tonic: D.
434. When God the Spirit Came (Worship III, #481). Tune: Vineyard Haven. Key of C minor.
435. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (Worship III, #433). Tune: Rockingham. Key of D.
436. When in Our Music God Is Glorified (Worship III, #549). Tune: Engelberg. Key of F.
437. When Jesus Came to Jordan (Worship IV, #456).  Tune: Merle's Tune. Key of G.
438. When Jesus Left His Father's Throne (Worship II, #308). Tune: Kingsfold. (Ah! Only three Kingsfold's here, not seven!)  Key: E minor.
439. When John Baptized by Jordan's River (Worship III, #412).  Tune: Rendez a Dieu.  Key of G.
440. When Love Is Found (Worship III, #745).  Tune: O Waly Waly.  Key of G.
441. When Morning Gilds the Skies (Worship III, #675).  Restore text from Hymnal 1940.  Tune: Laudes Domini.  Key of B-flat.
442. When the King Shall Come Again (Worship III, #355).  Tune: Ave Vero Virginum. Key of F.
443. Where Charity and Love Prevail (Worship IV, #700).  Tune: Christian Love (by French organ composer Dom Paul Benoit).  Key of E minor.
444. Where Temple Offerings Are Made (Worship III, #622). Tune: Twenty-Fourth. Key: G.
445. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night (Worship II, #309).  Tune: Winchester Old.  Key of F.
446. Who Are These at Earnest Knock (Worship II, #310). Tune: Dies Est Laetitiae. Key: F.
447. Who Are These like Stars Appearing (Worship IV, #888). Tune: All Saints (aka Zeuch Mich, Zeuch Mich).  Key of B-flat.
448. Who Can Measure Heaven and Earth (Worship III, #509).  Tune: Lucerna Laudoniae.  Key of G.
449. With Jesus for Hero (Worship II, #311).  Tune: Sioban Ni Laoghaire. Key of C minor.
450. Word of God, Come Down on Earth (Worship III, #513).  Tune: Liebster Jesu.  Key of G.
451. Ye Sons and Daughters (Worship II, #312). With the Latin O Filii et Filiae.  Tune: Chant, Mode II.  Key of G minor in the people's book, with "low key option" in F minor in the organ book.
452. Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones (Worship II, #313). Tune: Lasst Uns Erfreuen. Key: D.
453. Ye Who Claim the Faith of Jesus (First tune) (Worship IV, #904).  Worship IV has ALL Who PUT THEIR Faith IN Jesus.  Title sequenced here is from Hymnal 1982.  Tune: Den Des Vaters sinn Geboren. Key of D.
454. Ye Who Claim the Faith of Jesus (Second tune) (see note on text at #453).  Tune: Julion. Key of F.
455. Yes, I Shall Arise (Worship IV, #964).  Tune by Lucien Deiss.  Key of F.
456. You, Lord, Are Both Lamb and Shepherd (Worship IV, #626).  Tune: Mannheim, with footnote: "Alternate tune: Picardy; see Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence".  Key of E.
457. You Satisfy the Hungry Heart (Worship III, #736).  Tune: Bicentennial.  Key of D-flat.
458. You Walk along Our Shoreline (Worship IV, #766).  Tune: Munich. (Worship IV uses Aurelia).  Key of E-flat in people's book, with "low key option" in D in the organ book.
459. Your Hands, O Lord, in Days of Old (Worship III, #750).  Tune: Mozart. Key of F.
460. Your Love, O God, Has All the World Created (Worship III, #638).  Tune: Northbrook. Key of D.

Th-th-th-that's all, folks!

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