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WORSHIP - Ultimate Edition (Part II)

In this section, we're going to cover the "B"s and "C"s.  We left off at #39, so our next number will be 40.  Reminder - this series only involves hymns that have made it into one of the following hymnals:
- Worship (1971)
- Worship II (1975)
- Worship - Third Edition (1986, or for short, Worship III)
- Worship - Fourth Edition (2011, or for short, Worship IV)
We'll add better hymns from other hymnals in a future project, perhaps dub it The ULTIMATE Catholic Hymnal.  Wait!  There already is one of those: the Graduale Romanum!

40. Be Joyful, Mary, Heavenly Queen (Worship II, #35).  I would also include the Latin Regina Caeli, Jubila.  Tune: Regina Caeli Jubila.  Key of E (right in between the E-flat that appears in Worships I and II and the F that appears in Worships III and IV).  Keeps organists alert also.  Hey, if one can play in four flats, I'm sure he/she can play in four sharps.
41. Be Still, My Soul, the Lord is on Thy Side (Worship II, #36).  Tune: Finlandia.  Key of F with footnote: "For lower key, see This Is My Song".
42. Behold Our Good and Great High Priest (Worship I, #156).  Tune: St. Anne.  Key of C, but with a footnote: "For lower key, see O God, our help in ages past".
43. Blessed Feasts of Blessed Martyrs (Worship III, #718, but I would restore the text as it appears in the 1976 and 1979 We Celebrate hymnals).  Tune: In Babilone.  Key of G.
44. Blessed Jesus, at Thy Word (Worship II, #37)  Tune: Liebster Jesu, with the J.S. Bach harmony.  Key of G.
45. Blest be the God of Israel (Worship III, #6 - note the change from "Blessed", to reflect the single syllable!).  Tune: Forest Green.  Key of F.
46. By the Babylonian Rivers (Worship II, #38)  Tune: Kas Djiedaja.  Key of D minor.
47. Christ Is Alive, Let Christians Sing (Worship III, #467)  Tune: Truro.  Key of C.
48. Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation (First tune) (Worship II, #43 for the text, plus the missing verse "All that dedicated city..." that appears in the "supplemental tunes" section of Hymnal 1940).  Tune: Westminster Abbey (the tune that appears in Worship III).  Key of G.
49. Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation (Second tune) (see note in first tune about the text).  Tune: Eden Church (the tune that appears in Worship II).  Key of C minor.
50. Christ Is the King, O Friends, Rejoice (Worship II, #44) Tune: Gelobt sei Gott. Key of C.
51. Christ Is the World's Light (Worship III, #543) Tune: Christe Sanctorum.  Key of D.
52. Christ Jesus Lay in Death's Strong Bands (Worship II, #45) Tune: Christ Lag in Todesbanden (but use the J.S. Bach harmony that appears in Hymnal 1982, #186).  Tonic: D in the people's book (C key signature), with Tonic C (B-flat key signature) as a "low key option" in the organ book.
53. Christ, Mighty Savior (Worship III, #681) Tune: Mighty Savior. Key of F.
54. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (Wesley text, first tune) (Worship II, #47).  Tune: Llanfair.  Key of F.
55. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (Wesley text, second tune) (Worship II, #46).  Tune: Gwalchmai.  Key of G.
56. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (Victimae Paschali Laudes paraphrase, first tune) (Worship III, #461).  Tune: Heil, uns Heil, Alleluia (titled Victimae Paschali in most hymnals, but using this We Celebrate reference to avoid confusion with the chant version of the Easter Sequence).  Key of A-flat.
57. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (Victimae Paschali Laudes paraphrase, second tune) (Worship III, #452).  Tune: Christ Ist Erstanden (some hymnals title this tune as Surgit in Haec Dies).  Tonic: D.
58. Christ, upon the Mountain Peak (Worship III, #701).  Tune: Mowsley.  Key of F.
59. Christ Was Born on Christmas Day (Worship III, #396).  Tune: Resonet in Laudibus.  Key of E-flat.
60. Christian, Do You Hear the Lord (Worship III, #594).  Tune: Orientis Patribus (sometimes titled Concordi Laetitia).  Key of F.
61. Christians, Lift Up Your Hearts (Worship III, #538).  Tune: Salve Festa Dies.  Key of F.
62. Church of God, Elect and Glorious (Worship IV, #733).  Tune: Abbot's Leigh, with footnote: "Alternate tune: Hyfrydol.  See Alleluia! Sing to Jesus!"  Key of C.
63. City of God, Jerusalem (Worship III, #362).  Tune: Purpose.  Key of F minor.
64. Come, Christians, Join to Sing (Worship IV, #628).  Tune: Madrid.  Key of A-flat.
65. Come Down, O Love Divine (Worship II, #49).  Tune: Down Ampney.  Key of D.
66. Come, Holy Ghost (Worship II, #50).  Tune by Louis Lambillote.  Key of F.  Footnote: "For Latin, see Veni, Creator Spiritus".
67. Come, Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs (Worship II, #51).  Tune: Nativity, with footnote: "Alternate tune: Graefenburg.  See Spirit Divine, Attend Our Prayers".  Key of B-flat.
68. Come, Lord, and Tarry Not (Worship II, #52).  Tune: St. Bride.  Key of G minor in the people's edition, with F minor as "low key option" in the organ book.
69. Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life (Worship II, #53).  Tune: The Call.  Key of E-flat.
70. Come Now, and Praise the Humble Saint (Worship III, #694) Tune: Land of Rest. Key: F.
71. Come, Rejoice before Your Maker (Worship II, #54, with second verse from Worship III, #664).  Reason for the different second verse: the directive from the Vatican regarding use of the names "YHWH" (often rendered "Yahweh") and "Jehovah".  One of the few changes Worship III made for the better.  Tune: Jubilate Deo.  Key of D.
72. Come, Sing a Home and Family (Worship IV, #439).  Tune: Mozart (Worship IV uses Carol, which is best known with the Christmas carol It Came upon the Midnight Clear.  Although the tune works fine with the Christmas carol, it probably wouldn't work as well with other texts.  Key of F.
73. Come, Thou Almighty King (Worship II, #55).  Tune: Italian Hymn (also titled Trinity and Moscow in many hymnals).  Key of F (the low-key option in Worship II).
74. Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus (Worship I, #3).  Tune: Stuttgart.  Key of F.
75. Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain (Worship II, #58).  Tune: Ave Vero Virginum (also titled Gaudeamus Pariter).  Key of F.
76. Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy (Worship III, #756).  Appears in Worship III as Come, YOU Sinners, Poor and Needy.  Let's use the original "Ye".  Tune: Restoration.  Key: F minor.
77. Come, Ye Thankful People, Come (Worship II, #59).  Tune: St. George's Windsor.  Key: F.
78. Comfort, Comfort, Ye My People (Worship II, #60).  Tune: Bourgeois (also titled Freu Dich Sehr in some hymnals).  Key of F.
79. Creator of the Earth and Skies (Worship II, #61).  Tune: Agincourt.  Key of C minor.
80. Creator of the Stars of Night (Worship III, #366).  Let's add the Latin Conditor Alme Siderum to the mix also.  Tune: Chant, Mode IV.  Tonic: G (yields a high note of "C").
81. Creator Spirit, by Whose Aid (Worship II, #62).  Tune: Es Ist Das Heil.  Key of D.
82. Crown Him with Many Crowns (Worship II, #63).  Tune: Diademata.  Key of D.
83. Crux Fidelis (Part of the English in Worship II, #507).  With English Faithful Cross.  Tune: Chant, Mode I.  Tonic: C.


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