Saturday, February 4, 2006


...that means that Blogger is finally up and running again. I don't know what on earth happened? Neither does our own Nick, nor Gerald from The Cafeteria Is Closed, as they've been e-mailing me asking - unfortunately for them, I was just as clueless. I still am (LOL).

Let's just hope Blogger stays up. I'll have a podcast to put up either tomorrow or Monday.

BMP (three days cigarette free after 28 years of smoking - pray I can continue)

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Cathy said...

Keep it up, Brian.
Rick Lugari and his wife were struggling to quit also, last I knew.
It's terribly hard for the first couple of months, but it gets easier by the day.
I was able to quit with the patch, plus I liked going to
and reading the support boards, etc.
And it's so nice to be free of the addiction.
My hair and clothes don't stink, I have money for other things now, plus, I'm probably
not going to die of emphysema, so there's that.
Pray, pray, pray! (And I'll pray for you!)