Friday, February 24, 2006


If this Hammond sounds as good as it looks below (by looking at this console, first of all, can you even BELIEVE this is a Hammond???)...

then they just might have come a long way!

This is their latest classic product line. Even their two-manual CS-235 doesn't look all bad. The link to that (and all the other "classic" models) is in the sidebar of the product page. And check out those specs. Can you believe??? REAL stops! REAL STOPS, I say!!! And they're even using traditional organ terms, like swell, great, choir, manual, ranks (can you believe that one?), pistons (instead of the contemporary term presets).

There's even this CSE-220 - pipe voice expander (below), which can be hooked up to any of the more not-so-churchy models (like the E-200 that's in my former church, or the B3).

This gives a new meaning to SHOCK AND AWE. Let's just hope the sound is just as good. Can it compete with Allen, Rodgers, Johannus, and Ahlborn-Galanti? Or even Phoenix or Marshall & Ogletree Legacy Organ? Too bad they don't have a "listening room" page (Allen has one of those, as does Legacy).

This is a giant leap for Hammond. My suggestion to the Hammond people: offer to take in the older Hammonds (E200's, B3's, etc.) as trade-ins toward the purchase of one of the new "classic" models they're offering today.

BTW, check out the intro page. Looks and sounds like a blast from the 60's and 70's.


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Brian Michael Page said...

Yeah, but now you'll have to check out the Content link in my updated post, now that we know it wasn't actually a Hammond.

You see, when Content worked with Hammond, the same model was being sold with Hammond's nameplates. Once they parted ways, it became a Content product.