Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Now, don't get the wrong idea here, folks. I'm not seeking nor anticipating an early death (I'm only 41). I've even quit smoking to prove it. I am, however, getting my music lined up now, so that when the time does come, my wife or one of my kids will deliver the instructions.

Anyways, I want the rubrics followed - Chant, Latin, Pride of Place, all that good stuff. (If I had my way, I'd ask for the 1962 Missal to be employed here)

Introit: Requiem aeternam (page 688 in the Gregorian Missal)
Responsorial Psalm: The Lord is Kind and Merciful (Alexander Peloquin - from his "Songs of Israel, Volume 2"; if that is unavailable, then Psalm Tone 8G is the acceptable alternative)
Alleluia: Mode VI (or during Lent: Praise and honor to you, O Lord Jesus Christ - as in Worship III, #290 - note: this is an adaptation from Kyrie XI)
Offertory: Domine Jesu Christe (page 693 in the Gregorian Missal)
- plus, if time permits: Ave Maria (Arcadelt OR Victoria)
Sanctus XVIII in Latin
Anamnesis: Mortem tuam annuntiamus, Domine (Jubilate Deo chants)
Amen: single (slurred last syllable - F-FG)
Lord's Prayer: chant setting in English or Latin
Agnus Dei XVIII in Latin
Communion Music: Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart)
- plus, if time permits: My Shepherd Is the Lord (Gelineau)
Final Commendation: Subvinite Sancti Dei (page 696 in the Gregorian Missal) or Saints of God (#889 in Worship II) or I Believe that My Redeemer Lives (Peloquin/except during Lent)
Recessional: In Paradisum (page 698 in the Gregorian Missal)

Music NOT acceptable (unless you want to know what it is like to have me come out of my casket and haunt the holy $&!# out of you):
On Eagle's Wings
Be Not Afraid
Here I Am, Lord
You Are Mine
How Great Thou Art
We Remember
Hail Mary/Gentle Woman
Shepherd Me, O God

LET'S PUT IT THIS WAY: None of that pop-style schlock garbage will be accepted. It does not belong at Holy Mass to begin with. If you want to listen to it, pop a CD in your deck at home or in your car. In fact, if it's in Glory and Praise, Spirit and Song, or Gather, do not use it! If it's written by Marty Haugen, David Haas, Michael Joncas, the St. Louis Jesuits, Carey Landry, Gregory Norbet, or the like, do not use it! If that is all your organist knows, get someone more competent! Also, only the organ is to be used. No piano. No guitar. Organ only. No eulogies (my boss doesn't allow them anyways). Save those for the wake, or in casual chat amongst friends and family. "What a jerk he was! He inflicted chant upon us! He wouldn't let us sing Eagle's Wings, or Beagle's Things, or whatever!"



Dave said...

I know which readings and hymns I want (depending on the season), but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the Mass settings I want...

PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

2 years ago I was at the meeting of the steering committee for the Milwaukee NPM national convention. While there, one of the locals said that Rembert Weakland has made it known that if "On Eagles Wings" is played at his funeral he will jump out of the casket and strangle the organist.

Of course, Weakland was a fine musician in his own right, and was known for blowing off Confirmation Masses (i.e. sending the Auxiliary Bishop) so he could be the piano soloist with the Milwaukee Symphony.

And finally, when Michael Joncas was speaking at the NPM this summer, he said he'd die a perfectly happy man if he never heard OEW again.


Brian Michael Page said...

Yup - I remember that about Fr. Joncas not wanting to hear his own travesty again.

What does surprise me is Abp. Weakland's quote in your comment, especially with his defiance to Rome by "wreckovating" his (now former) Cathedral. Gerald has a few posts on Weakland.


Argent said...

I want the Russian Kontakion (kiev) sung at mine: Give rest, O Christ, to your servant with your saints.....Yet even at the grave, we make our song, Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

Also, The Call, Rafe Vaughn Williams....

Processional hymn: Lift High, the Cross (Crucifex)...

Okay, I know, my Anglo-Cath slip is showing.

The closest thing to schlock that I might consider is Rutter's "The Lord is my Shepherd" complete with oboe.

For the rest of my family's comfort, a good Dies Irae should do. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Having attended a funeral yesterday, I have made some decisions about my own funeral Mass.

1. It will absolutely NOT be the priest who celebrated!! Not him, not ever. Spoke for 20 minutes as a 'homily' without saying anything.

2. It will NOT incorporate the "parish funeral choir" of biddies and hags of negligible skills and no musical judgment. The contrast screamed when colleagues of the widower, who teaches at a college conservatory, performed a few simple items.

3. It will NOT NOT NOT include any eulogies. Evening prayer the night before at the funeral home or the church is the place for eulogies.

4. And, finally, it will NOT NOT NOT begin with the priest saying, "Well, the body of the deceased is here but before we begin, let me tell you where the rest rooms are ..."

Brian Michael Page said...

Which at that point I'd say "better still, just lead me out the door!"

Definitely a lack of class for the priest to come out with #4.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you are in good health and nothing befalls you at anytime soon. Perhaps you should start teaching others to play/sing your selections. Chances are when it happens, your current pastor will be long gone and replaced by someone with contemporary tastes. It could be that Latin will not be tolerated . What then? Not much you could do at that point.

Brian Michael Page said...

Mass should NEVER be done according to taste. The GIRM is your guide, when interpreted correctly and not twisted by the progressive front (ignorance is no excuse - any real Catholic organist should be familiar with at least the chant settings).
What then? Then the hauntings WILL continue, worse than Satan ever could do.


Paulist Chorister said...

I would recomend a change from some chant to Faure's Requiem. The beauty, hopefulness (even Libera Me ends the Requiem Aeternam theme introduced in the Introit) and sure belief in redemption and eternal life presented in the exceptional In Paradisum will strengthen the faith of those attending the funeral mass and provide them with comfort and peace.

The Crescat said...

"...haunt the holy **** out of you"