Wednesday, February 8, 2006


Check out this article from Dr. Phil Blosser.

I'm sure this will get published very quickly. Here are some excerpts:

"'Gather Us In' has always been my personal favorite, but my newest hymn,'We are the Apples of Your Eye' really speaks from my heart, and the crazy thing is the words came to me while I was waiting in line at Burger King," Haugen said.

Now, wouldn't you wanna at least go inside, sit down, and perhaps concentrate on what you're actually writing? Oh, that's right - One of the big three will pick it up anyways. But now, watch this...

In fact, he got so into the writing process, a woman in the car behind him had to beep her horn to prompt Haugen to move to the second window and pick up his order. "I could tell she was getting impatient with me, and for a split second I wanted to give her the finger. But then the melody and lyrics of my new hymn just kind of washed over me, saying, "Marty, God loves you. God loves her. Just get your burger and give thanks."

Should have gone inside. Avoid such confrontation and temptation to do such things like flipping off the driver behind you (luckily God stopped you first).

Haugen's new hymn features all those subjects his fans have grown to love over the years: banquets, acceptance, stars, flowers and, of course, the moon. He even managed to work in a couple of lines about his new puppy, Sparky.

Hymns for the Hound - coming soon to a Catholic hymnal near you (maybe a future edition of Glory and Praise, or Gather Apprehensive). Uh, would you like fries with that?

Now, what was that line about "instant music" cheapening the liturgy?



Cathy said...

I didn't realize it was satire until I read it verrrry carefully.
That's how worthless MH music is - one would believe it was written in
a BK drive-thru.

Brian Michael Page said...

And the funny thing is that I didn't see the satire note until after I posted mine.

You're right though - it's so easy to believe.