Monday, February 13, 2006


...says our friend Gerald in his latest article at the Closed Cafeteria. My reply: keep praying the Novena for the Renewal for the Sacred Liturgy.

Or, you could visit the Curt Jester to get the new exorcism.

Or, you could read the interview given by Fr. Robert C. Pasley or any of the articles posted in Musica Sacra.

PS: Updates to this post are being given as I find them.


Beppe said...

Closed Cafeteria. My reply: keep praying the Novena for the Renewal for the Sacred Liturgy.

Brian Michael Page said...

Wow - that was quick (I just posted it five minutes ago), though just an echo of my words.


Cathy said...

Excellent link, thanks!
I can't believe people like him (okay, people like us ) are accused of being 'bitter' because they love and respect
the history and traditions of Holy Mother Church.

Argent said...


E-mail me. I need your help.

I've been asked by our music director to help him form a vision for our parish's music program with regards to liturgy especially. He's hoping that my coming from the Anglo-Catholic tradition will be advantageous for cross-pollinization (he probably wants to use my experience in liturgical planning at my former church that saw a lot of RC refugees from Haugenhaasschutte). He's also asking for my help in getting a liturgical commission reconstituted. The documents he needs help in analyzing are V.II. Sac. Conc. and Music in Catholic Worship.

I'm going to lead a retreat with the core group of music ministry people in May to think through theologically the hymns that we sing over and over again. I've already put together a list to counter the NAPM list of hymns.

As a new convert, I had hoped to pass some time in anonymity. But it seems God has different plans. Already, he wants my teenage boys to form the core for a schola he's forming. They're trained in the Anglican tradition, so they're old hats at plainchant and polyphony.

Brian Michael Page said...



Brian Michael Page said...

I would set down three hymnals in front of the music director and say pick one:
"Adoremus Hymnal"
"Worship - Third Edition"
"The Collegeville Hymnal"

Then I'd tell them that these hymnals contain the repertoire that is most faithful to V2 docs.

I also try to steer away from NPM's "Songs that make a difference" list for reference. Just because they're popular doesn't necessarily mean they're fit for Mass (a very small portion of that list is).


Argent said...

Thanks, Brian. I'm going to have to get a copy of each of those hymnals somewhere other than my parish. I'm deep in OCP thralldom here.

A funny aside, when Argent'sBoys Schola chanted the Rorate Coeli for Advent 3, the choir was mystified why they didn't need microphones. I had to bite my tongue and not say, "Why would they need a mic?"

Brian Michael Page said...

We have ceiling mics for the choir, but no standing ones. As for me, I NEVER use a mic to sing. I had one pastor who insisted I use one. WHY? My intent was to get the congregation (I loathe the word "assembly") to sing, not to put on "The Brian Page show".

When I have to make some kind of hymn announcement, I use it for that only. Then I shut it off and shove it behind me. Those contraptions are the devil.


Argent said...

Singing into a mic during the Mass is unnatural. It's so "in your face". You depend on the mic and end up not breathing correctly.

One of the things that my kids learned in chanting sans mic is that they have to be more sensitive to nuances in the text...the rhythm depends greatly on the text. They learned how to shape the notes with the rise and fall of the natural spoken word.

Back when the boys were still sopranos, it was hard for me to listen to them chant, because I ended up bawling each did a lot of other people. Now that they're baritones, I can hear how their chant training has given their singing a nice rich texture.

I'm immensely proud of them. It was courageous of them to do something so counter-cultural.