Friday, February 24, 2006


I'm surprised that the Ignatius Press website doesn't list it. I'm not surprised that this isn't the translation used for our Lectionary readings and Psalms. It's the Ignatius Catholic Bible - RSV Second Catholic Edition.

Hat tip to Rox, who submitted this comment (snippet below) to this article at the Closed Cafeteria. (Hat tip to Gerald for writing the article also, which triggered off the ICB-RSV2CE).

"Ignatius has, in addition to the RSV, just come out with a Rome-approved RSV Second Catholic Edition (Edition was revised according to Liturgicam Authenticam)."

If that parenthesized sentence holds true, then perhaps the USCCB should give some thought to including use of this translation (as our Lectionary) in the Missal re-translation process.



Todd said...

Brian, it was actually the progressive liturgists who preferred the NRSV for liturgy. I know I did.

Americans at liturgy are stuck with the RNAB, thanks to Rome. A "Rome-approved RSV" is approved for non-liturgical purposes.

Unknown said...

I agree with Todd. It doesn't matter how many translations (revisions) of old Testaments are being made.. If the people are stuck being atheist then nothing could ever saved them.

Brano Willis
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible