Saturday, July 21, 2007


Fr. Martin Fox has an excellent homily this weekend, about the Motu Proprio and the many misconceptions about Vatican II - that is - how badly things got screwed up in the Ordinary form of the Mass since its promulgation in 1970.

Then the idea of an all-new Mass sprang up:
That the Mass is a free-for-all:
you can play Broadway tunes and add made-up rituals—
and a lot of folks don’t see what’s wrong with that.

The Sacred Liturgy is not something we create;
something we do for ourselves, or even for God.

No, the liturgy is something Jesus Christ does—
through the Church—for us!

How did we get so far off track?
The pope identifies the problem in how Vatican II
is viewed as a moment of “rupture”:
out with the old, in with all-new.
This has gone so far that people commonly speak
not of one Catholic Church—but two: pre- and post-Council.

Kudos, Father Fox!

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