Friday, July 20, 2007


An eight-part motet???

Impressive! I understand it's on Rorate Caeli. Way cool! Does this mean this is the stuff we'll be hearing from him from now on instead of Eagle's Wings and similar sentimental dreck? One can only hope and pray.

Full story at Cantate Deo, which includes his review of the NaPalM convention.

Cantor writes:
Steven Warner’s opening address. Ok, much of it was good, but at one point he glorified the guitar Mass (enh...), talked about how we need a full implementation of Vatican II (yes...), and then turned and stated, “We do not need a reform of the reform!” (Applause ensued.)

That figures! I'm still wondering what the excuse was (besides "we do not need a reform of the reform!", er, lack of interest) for the chant workshop being cancelled, which (again) doesn't surprise me.



DominiSumus said...

He really can write good stuff. He is a well trained and talented musician. The motivation is the trick.

PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

Warner contradicts himself. A full implementation IS a reform of the reform. He acknowledges that we're not there yet, so that means we have to reform and progress from where we are today.

Fr. Joncas took some theory and comp classes a few years ago, and his output really reflects it. He also has several works for SATB/organ/brass.


Brian Michael Page said...

I have no doubt that there is a lot of good stuff from the pen of Fr. Joncas. It just baffles me that none of the really good stuff gets pushed. Instead we get "A Voice Cries Out", "Beagle's Things", and "We Come to Your Feast". One of his best responsories, "As the watchman", is dropped from OCP's TM/MI/BB. His "Lord, you have the words", also very good, is still hanging on, but you don't hear much of it.