Friday, July 27, 2007


And they're multiplying! OH NO!

Tie your lunch down if you can. The Poncho Ladies™ are at it again!

Pictured here: the Examination of Heads for Lice and/or Loose Screws. WAIT - we already know the screws are loose! It appears that one of the "bishops" here is a guy. Whoa!

Argent has complete details, along with a disclaimer - "Had a good lunch? Sorry, but you're about to lose it."

Say hello to my feline friend:

UPDATE 8:48 PM: Gerald has a hilarious parody dedicated to Poncho Ladies™, set to the tune of Billy Joel's Angry Young Man (one of Billy Joel's best tunes, if you ask me).

There's no place in the Church for the angry old nun
With her new agey crap she is really no fun
She refuses to bend, ordination's her hope
And she hasn't much use for bishop or pope
And she's sure of her cause, and she thinks she is cool
And she's learned and thinks that she's nobody's fool
She is so unaware she's the angry old nun.

There's no place in the Church for the angry old nun
With her fist in the air and her head up her bun
And she's never been willing to learn from mistakes
So she's terribly hurt cause her heart always breaks
With her struggle so pure and her courage so swell
And she's noble and just and she's boring as hell
And she'll go out to pasture an angry old nun.



Richard Chonak said...

The Poncho Ladies(tm) thought they'd hide the identity of the location by getting a confidentiality promise from the press -- but then they allowed a photo to be published. That's actually quite helpful, thanks.

I can't imagine it'll take long for somebody out in California to recognize the place, so that some sort of official action can be taken: maybe reconsecrate the chapel after this sacrilege, or maybe just plow the building under and sow salt into the rubble.

Al said...

what ever happenned to the good old days of the early Church? These people could use a bit of a wake up call along the lines of what happenned to Ananias & Sapphira. As it says in Acts 5: "And there came great fear upon the whole church and upon all that heard these things." Maybe a little holy fear of seeing what happens when you disobey God might not be a bad thing. (& no, I'm not wishing them dead any more than Peter wanted Ananias or Sapphira to die.)

DominiSumus said...

Hehehe, someone already found out the location and their from the other coast. :-)