Saturday, July 14, 2007


Girls' Softball Edition - Cranston Tourney

Is this the drive-thru? I would like a triple with two RBI's!

That was the outbursts by one of the parents of the Darlington Girls All-Star Softball Team. Today was day one of the last of the all-star softball tourneys for my nine-year-old daughter Brittany, and the girls did quite well today in their tripleheader, winning two out of three!

Game 1: Darlington 9, North Kingstown White Team 1
Game 2: Coventry Red Team 8, Darlington 1
Game 3: Darlington 5, St. Gregory's 4

Some really good action here. Some really hard hit line drives were robbed by our girls. Some of the opposing girls did the same thing. The great thing is that no one gave up.

The win over St. Gregory's really did my heart good for a few reasons - 1) half the girls on the St. Gregory's team, especially the pitcher, looked older than their age bracket (9-10); 2) They do some nasty grandstanding in the middle of the field after a win; 3) their defensive formation had one outfielder short, and one infielder extra; 4) they smoked us 10-2 last week in the Coventry tourney; and 5) the woman that replaced me when I was fired from the "roundhouse" (those who know me know where I'm talking about) is now music director at the same St. Gregory's Church where the St. Gregory's softball team is based.

Tomorrow we play against Cranston's B Team (their A team that's been parlaying us the past two tourneys is not in this tourney - WOOHOO!). If we win, we play in the finals. I'll have the results when I get back tomorrow evening.



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